The Weekend Brings Amazing Reunions!

Weekend SocialOn Friday my Cousin Emma got married for the second time, having been to the first wedding which was a medieval style wedding in a barn with mead as the main drink I was a little dubious when the news came up on social media about another wedding. There was a big difference this time around though, she wasn’t marrying someone who was a little…. strange. My cousins are great we just don’t see each other very often, for example, my cousin Emma helped me a few years back run a half marathon (roughly translated that means she dragged me around 13 of the 13.1 miles of the course and was a huge influence on my getting through a very dark time), my cousin Christopher is a nut case, a loveable and genuine nut case. One who I haven’t seen in 10 years since my wedding which didn’t exactly pan out in the most harmonious of marriages.

This weekend gave me a chance to introduce them both to my amazing partner Karina. As we pulled up to the celebration my cousin Chris also pulled up and instantly ran over was introduced to Karina and my step daughter and bingo a massive hug and a big laugh and it was as though we saw each other yesterday. Not only did we spend the next 3 and a half hours talking about old times but Chris also told stories about how I had helped him through a very dark time in his life also. This got me thinking, a lot, especially about the people I have helped professionally in the past 10 years.

Here is the thing, during the past 2 years I haven’t exactly been a massive social media presence and I have held back on Twitter and Facebook from putting up as much content as I should and putting out as many blog posts as I should and I know that the key to online success is to be consistent. Well I have a strict plan of action on what I am going to be doing and how I am going to be doing it during the coming months ensuring that we are pushing out content to audiences old and new. I have a huge interaction plan in place and some amazing software that not only helps with interactions and getting conversation started it also helps to get word out. I will now have a Twitter client open on my desktop which will allow me to answer anyone that messages me directly.

I know that I have neglected my cousins and I hope that yesterday we went some way to ensure that starts to change but I know I have also neglected my audience and I know damn well that I will be doing all in my power to change that from the go on this new campaign. Starting tomorrow with the blog post about website speed! I have been planning this damn blog post for well over 6 months so I hope that is long and really informative to the people that read it!

Today being Sunday started with a lazy coffee in bed with a lady I love very much and there are loads of jobs to do around the house and in the garden today! I am hoping for a few hours later to get some serious work done on 3 projects that need it and then I am clear all week to make some serious inroads into other projects to bring in more work.

I think my cousins for an amazing day yesterday and I will be throwing the bbq of all bbq’s very soon to get them over and enjoy some time with us!

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